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Office Fit Outs By The Numbers

  • Posted by lds
  • September 14, 2017

The design and layout of an office has a significant effect on the productivity and comfort of the people working within it. A great office fitout is comfortable, convenient and functional, and allows the people working within it to collaborate effectively and find space to focus on their work.

While it’s exciting to think about designing your new office, before you start looking at décor and picking out your furniture, there are a few other factors you will need to take into consideration.

Some time spent thinking about a few important numbers before you get started can help ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible with the fit out, so you get a result that you are happy with and that works well for its intended purpose and capacity.

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Here are a few key numbers you should think about before you get started.

Number of people working there

An overcrowded office layout is not going to create a productive atmosphere and it may be difficult for your employees to function and focus if they all feel like they are on top of each other. As well as all this, don’t forget about future growth. Are you expecting to hire more people in the future? Will there be space for them? If your numbers are expected to fluctuate or if you take in casual or temp staff on a seasonal basis, you may need an adaptable layout where you can add and remove desks where necessary.

How much you want to spend

Before you start planning your office fit out it’s a good idea to have a clear budget in mind. This can help you get a realistic idea of what’s achievable from the start and can help you make decisions and avoid getting carried away with the latest greatest design features. Keeping a budget in mind from the beginning also means you are more likely to stay on track and avoid overspending.


Keep in mind that office fit outs take time to complete. You may need to go through the process of getting approvals well ahead of time, not to mention ordering supplies and arranging tradespeople. Rushing the job to meet a deadline could lead to future problems, so it’s a good idea to plan well in advance and check how long everything is going to take to complete before you get started.

As long as you have the key facts and figures in mind you can get started with your office designers in Sydney, plan your office fit out with confidence, and increase the chances of getting the job done within your target time frame and budget.

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