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Office Planning

Forecast and Project Planning for Office Fitouts

New office fitouts and existing offices that need refurbishing have one thing in common: they need a good plan for them to become effective spaces for the business. An exhaustive and strategic forecast or project planning is your first step to creating functional and professional office fitouts, and WE can help you with that.

We can provide project planning as a stand-alone service or as part of a package to create the office space you need for your company.


WE Will Help You Plan for Your Ideal Workspace

Whether it’s for a new office or an existing one, we offer these services for office planning:

  • Feasibility Study – This includes space and market analysis to work out your business’ space, property and location requirements; and to check the site’s traffic or access to the public, most especially to your target market.
  • Site Appraisal – We’ll give you our professional advice regarding the similar spaces available in the market, so you’ll get to hear from an experienced voice to aid you in making a decision.
  • Concept Drawing – Your ideas will be translated into sketches to give you a clear picture of how your office will look like even before the  project is started. Our office designers in Sydney will provide a concept drawing for your floor plans.
  • Infrastructure Appraisal – Plumbing, electrical requirements and fire services will all be taken into account in the planning phase to ensure that the office is fully equipped with all that’s needed for it to safely and effectively function.
  • Cost Estimate – This will include a detailed description of the cost involved in each accommodation option, for you to better gauge which one fits your budget range.
  • Council Application – We will also provide advice on authority applications and compliance issues.

All these are needed in the planning phase for your new office fitout or office refurbishment, and WE will help you with every step of this process.


Effective Planning for an Effective Office Fitout Project

Working Environments have been providing this service for over 30 years so you can trust us to give you a detailed plan for your office space, whether a new or existing one. You can call us on 02 9564 6888 or fill up our contact form to get in touch with one of our staff.

Aside from commercial fitouts, we also provide medical fitouts including medical interior design and project management.

For interior design assistance with your work space design, office plan, office fitouts, office construction, office refurbishment or office relocation, WE have the experience. As specialist interior designers & office planners WE can help with your new interior fit-out, commercial refurbishment, office remodel, office design & office layouts. For a free initial consultation on your work interior give WE a call today.

With over than 30 years experience delivering cost effective, code compliant fitouts on time & on budget, WE can help you.