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Practice Planning

WE can help with forecast planning for new Medical Practices or Project Planning of existing Medical Facilities.

WE were invaluable in providing us with forecast costs & planning options for comparable facilities helping us make informed decisions on our future accommodation.”

WE do Feasibility Studies;
How much space does your practice need & how can it best be used. WE can help!

WE do Site Appraisals;
Get an experienced voice to provide you with advice on comparative spaces.

WE do Council Applications;
Get advice on complex authority applications & compliance issues.

We do Concept Drawings;
How might my practice be accommodated? Realise your ideas into effective & usable floor plans.

WE provide Cost Estimates;
Obtain detailed cost estimates to assist you in evaluating various accommodation options.

WE do Infrastructure Appraisals;
What to consider with regard to air-conditioning, fire services, plumbing & electrical requirements.

WE do Renovation Projects;
Get the best efficiencies from your existing layout, plan for future growth & flexibility.

WE can Update your Look;
Restyle or Replan your facility without disruption to your practice.

WE deliver Value for Money;
Obtain cost savings with our construction tender process.

With over than 30 years experience delivering cost effective, code compliant fitouts on time & on budget, WE can help you.